Vijay Mallya the man who looted the Indian banks by defaulting a loan amount of worth Rs.9,000 Crores. Once a business tycoon, Mallya now resides in London to evade arrest by the Indian authorities.

Yesterday when the news of his arrest broke out, everyone in India started thinking about initiating his deportation procedure from the UK to India. But the happiness of authorities soon came to a halt when within 3 hours he was granted bail.

It was truly a shocking news for all the people who heard about his arrest.

GETTING BAIL IN JUST 3 HOURS?? Hearing this the internet broke out into jokes and memes.

But do you know how much he paid to get that Super-fast bail??

According to BBC, Mallya paid a sum of 650,000 pounds which when converted to INR comes to around Rs 5 Crore 38 Lacs.

However, even though he was granted the bail the court asked him to surrender his passport. He was also ordered to co-operate with the law agencies there.

The conditions based on which the bail was granted are:

1) Until 17th May (Next hearing) he will abide by the extradition rules of Britain. He can’t change the address that he has submitted to the court; in short, he isn’t allowed to move from there.

2) Last year, Mallya’s passport was revoked by the Indian government. As part of the procedure, he should surrender the same. Moreover, he is not allowed keep any international travel documents with him. 

3) The court has ordered that Mallya must be in constant touch with UK authorities; his mobile phone should always be reachable.

No matter what how he got the bail, but it really taught us that if you have money then the world is yours to enjoy.

source: BBC

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