Not so often I find myself not having to deal with people asking me to change my beloved window manager (i3wm) in favor of something like kde plasma or sometimes switching to Windows!

heck no! I don’t have any beef against using a full fledged desktop environment but I like how lightweight and free i feel with i3wm on my Arch Linux machine. This post is about why I’ll probably keep using i3 for the rest of my life because of something that happened last week. At least untill something changes my mind.

Last week, it was my birthday when one my friend sat on my laptop accidentally and this happened:

my broken laptop

the laptop was already broken on the hinge, and this made it worse. At first site I thought there goes all my money, because I was doing some small freelance gig and i had a deadline in the morning. But i3wm saved my day, night and the party for my friends.

This is what happened, I use tmux along with urxvt in i3 that gives be ultimate flexibility to split and tile my windows and I tiled windows and tabs just about the places where the screen was visible and in that way I was able to finish the work before my deadline and eventually get some quick cash!

This is what my laptop looks right now while writing this post, I fixed it! ūüėČ

Let me know what’s your favorite window manager.

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