Being a student at Cotton has it’s fair share of this and that, but then there are some things that never really change…

The term “Cottonian” invites reactions of one every sort

With a legacy that spans over a 115 years and being recently adjudged the #3 Best College in the All-India NAAC Gradation- our college fills us with pride. We live some of our best years here and this beautiful place becomes a part of us.

The place where it all begins...
The place where it all begins….

Indeed, every student has a host of memories that define our ‘Cottonian senti’ and even others identify us with these. This is an article celebrating all those nooks and crannies and the memories we build into them, so read on to find out if they are a part of you

The Uniform

cotton college uniform

The first thing- some would call it a perk here- anyone notes is the apparent lack of a ‘Cotton uniform’. We like to wear our individuality on our sleeves but we’re definitely none the lesser for it. Infact, this has a distinct identity of its own, a similarity and a solidarity that goes beyond the need for a common colour scheme.

The Classrooms

The etching upon desks in the rooms speak for themselves really
The etching upon desks in the rooms speak for themselves really

Some of the oldest classrooms in half the country. Ask any student and they will relate those first few days of euphoric intensity at sitting in those very classrooms which saw the likes of Bhabendra Nath Saikia and Bhupen Hazarika grace its halls. The ‘ancient’ galleries are the absolute highlight of this experience.

The Campus

You get here, 15mins late- Mission Accomplished
You get here, 15mins late- Mission Accomplished

where you’ve to literally run the extra mile to get to class. With Physics and Philosophy at one end to Zoology and Botany at another, getting to classes becomes a rendition of Temple Run where the average student has to cross roads and work out the most effective shortcuts to the ‘destination’. Even for relatively closer classes new students are so gobsmacked trying to decipher which building is BKB/MCB that a Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Cotton’s Geography is an almost necessity.

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The “Codes”

From the highly complicated routine, where an average class direction reads somewhat like this:

            9:00-9:45 — M- 123, H- 013, 010 (BKB)

We dare you to decipher it, we double dare you to do it on your first try (you can't, we tried)
We dare you to decipher it, we double dare you to do it on your first try (you can’t, we tried)

(the new students swear it’s coded such so as to make them miss a couple of classes in the first few weeks of the session),to college buildings- MCB, KBR, RKB, AGRCC et al,to even referring to some of our Professors, acronyms are our preferred language. It’s all our own and rather indecipherable to outsiders.

The Coffee House

Ground Zero of the typical adda since '02
Ground Zero of the typical adda since ’02

Cotton College Coffee House is a legend all in itself and any Cottonian- present or former, is bound to recall it with atleast a half a dozen memories. Recently reinvented and remodelled to its present posh glory, it doubles up as the in-house cafe and occasionally also hosts random live jamming sessions by the students.

The Food lane

The Sunset Boulevard of the foodie & the hungry
The Sunset Boulevard of the foodie & the hungry

The whole road opposite to the Main Campus is a gastronomical delight even for those days when we’re with shallow pockets. From momos to puchkas to biryani to all sorts of ice creams and kulfis under the sun, you name it, we have it. And if you’re particularly loaded just head for Food Villa. That place doesn’t really need any introductions now, does it?

The Library

If you don't see loafers here, it's because they were chased off...yes, really
If you don’t see loafers here, it’s because we were chased off

The S. K. Bhuyan library, the ultimate place for perusal of books, virtual and real. Being one of the largest libraries in Asia and definitely one of the oldest, there are more than the requisite gems of bookish knowledge in here. Since its revamping at the turn of the millennium it also doubles up as the ultimate rest and stop for students in the day.

There are possibly not many groups of friends who are left to have been, at point of time or another, chased off for loafing around on the front steps of the SKB.

The Indoor Stadiumimag0252-min

A close favourite in the top slot for leisurely whiling away of extra time is the T. Ao Indoor Sports Complex. Our in-house gym and the spot for badminton and table-tennis players to be. There are just friendly games between students…except there’s a fat chance that every once in a while a climactic battle ensues between some of the best young players in the state.

The Electionselections

Any article about Cotton College would remain incomplete without the mention of its elections. Elections are intense, elections are serious business here. Hostels set down to nominating candidates, campaigning, sloganeering, while the commoners are afforded those famous election special free luncheons in that crucial week prior to the polling.

The Competitions and Events

Fair play is necessary here but then so is winning glory
Fair play is necessary here but then so is winning glory

There is bound of an event or another in the campus almost the whole year round. Granted, not all are always aware of what exactly is going on where- what with 3 different halls in 3 different places it is a tough task keeping track of everything. But from the Manik Chandra Borooah Memorial National Debate Competitions to the Nabin- the Cultural Society- organised competitions to Quiz fests, everyone seems to be on a roll.

The Fresher’s Social(s)

Fun is the common factor no matter how many of these we attend!
Fun is the common factor no matter how many of these we attend!

Now, this’s common for every educational institution. But wonder what makes our Freshmen Social different? Well, for starters we have not one or two or three of them, we simply have a lot many of them. Not that anyone is complaining, however. The first few days of a new session are all about, “So, aji kot ase? Jabi ne?” With 10 hostels and over 4,000 students, our welcome deserves being long drawn out and intensely warm.

The very fact of being a Cottonian

Yes, we court attention. Yes, we are opinionated. We are all that and a thousand other things but the one thing we are not- is fading away. The world portrays us in a multitude of ways but the foremost fact that matters is that Cotton is thriving with life.

No matter wherever we are and whatever we do, we are a part of this institution and we will continue to excel, Cotton will continue to excel. Because “You may take a Cottonian out of Cotton, but you will never take the Cotton out of a Cottonian!”


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