Shillong the capital of Meghalaya (The Abode of Clouds), often referred to as the Scotland of the East is known for its serene beauty and is counted amongst the famous hill stations in India. But despite being situated at a higher elevation from the sea-level, the city doesn’t experience snowfall.

Lower Shillong

The city of Shillong is mainly divided into three parts Lower Shillong, Upper Shillong and the Shillong peak lying at an elevation of 4908 feet, 5600 feet, and 6449 feet respectively. The Shillong peak marks as the highest point in the state of Meghalaya. Even though several places across the state of Meghalaya experience temperatures below 0° Celcius on the minimum scale, the capital city Shillong has never witnessed any snowfall.

Shillong- laitlum
The Laitlum Canyons
Here are some of the reasons for no snowfall in Shillong

  1. Location:- Due to its location in the south of the Assam Valley, Meghalaya doesn’t come under the Himalayan Ranges which starts from Jammu and Kashmir in the north and runs across the neighboring countries of Nepal, Bhutan, and Sikkim. So the location of Meghalaya doesn’t suite the appropriate conditions for snowfall to occur, as around the Himalayas even places lying much lower experience snowfall.

  2. Temperature variation:- Another reason for Shillong not experiencing any snowfall is the variation in temperatures between the ground and the atmosphere. Due to low temperatures, in the atmosphere snowflakes gets formed in the clouds but on the other hand, due to the warmer temperature at ground level, the snowflakes formed gets melted and hence there’s no snowfall.

  3. Tropic of Cancer:- The climatic conditions in the regions lying around the Tropic of Cancer is not at all suitable for any sort of snowfall activity, except for places around the Himalayas and since the state of Meghalaya falls within the tropical latitudes of Tropic of Cancer, having a snowfall here would be no less than a miracle.

  4. Wind Effect:- A major part in causing snowfall are the cold winds, the western disturbances coming from Pakistan, diverts towards the northeastwards and affect the states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand. Since Meghalaya lies southwards and has nothing to do with the Himalayan ranges, so the effect of the disturbances is null here.
Bara-Bazar in Shillong

Even though, there’s no snowfall the climate remains cool throughout the year which makes it a perfect getaway spot especially for the people of Northeast. Meghalaya attracts a lot of tourists every year from across the world, who remain mesmerized after seeing the hidden treasures of nature spread across Meghalaya along with its beautiful people and their variety of culture and traditions.


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