Today more and more people consider setting up their own startups in order to become successful businessmen and earn much money. However, with such an abundance of companies available on the market now, it is very hard to realize your startup business ideas and stay afloat after. You have to be a professional with strong entrepreneur skills to cope with difficulties on a daily basis. If you wish to become a business ace and start your own business without committing the most common mistakes, you should learn from other’s experience and be ready to work very hard and give your brainchild you all. To help you to make the initial step, let us consider best startup ideas, which started their way as startup blogs.


Kissmetrics is a very powerful analytical tool that helps the marketers all over the world to analyze and boost their website traffic. This product is very ground and user-friendly. At the outset, it was created as a startup in order to help small and medium-sized businesses, which realize what type of data they want to get, not just having page views statistics in Google Analytics. Very few people know that initially, kissmetrics marketing blog was created, and only then, after a passage of a time, and numerous cases of their own attempts to find trustworthy SEO experts, they set their own brainchild.


If one says about best SEO practices, the first company that I immediately recall is MOZ. Moz blog was created at the same time when the parent company had appeared. Now numerous significant marketers publicize there their thoughts concerning inbound marketing, and it gets millions of views each month. What helps them to be so successful and stay afloat for so long? To my mind, their focus on educational articles, which empower businessmen is their key to success together with various tools they constantly invent to facilitate the lives of marketers and SEO specialists all over the world. For detailed information about this service, you can visit this write my essay service or try one of their online tools as well.


By having aided various businesses and startups with their marketing strategies, HubSpot founders discovered that their free blog without any budget had generated a high flow of traffic. This is how the modern HubSpot was created, a service that offers help for your marketing, SEO and web analytic strategies. It is now transformed into online Academy, where you can get a relevant qualification as well as online consulting service. HubSpot continues developing and improving their service each day, so I am sure they will soon introduce new opportunities that will surprise you even more.


Shopify has extremely popular and useful blog as well. It provides various startups, small and medium businesses with high-quality articles on various topics. As you may know, the Shopify startup was created because his founder, Tobias Lutke, could not find a platform to sell his elite snowboards. As he was an enthusiastic young programmer, he tried to create his own platform that could meet all his requirements, and after several fails, he finally produced his brainchild, well-known now as Shopify. Although his company has not earnt any profit during the first two years, his persistence and hope for success really helped him to grow an e-commerce giant. Today, this service has an educational blog and vast opportunities for newbies in online commerce. Thus, if you want to try yourself in this niche, this will be a perfect match for you.


This blogging platform has gained much attention in the online world once it was launched in 2013. Not many people know that this startup was created as a response to the complexity of famous WordPress service: too many people found it difficult to publish there their posts with the appearance of many unnecessary functions. As John O’Nolan said, Ghost is the best self-hosting solution available today and the best match for bloggers who want to create user-friendly blogs with ease.

If you are a newbie in business, then having your own blog is a must-have for you. Blogging is a modern way of presenting yourself in our technological era. This way you will not only introduce your business to the online audience, but can also get much traffic, create and develop your own brand. I am hoping these best startup blogs will help and inspire you if one day you will get up with an idea of starting your own business from scratch. Do not forget that good reputation is much more important than the paycheck you get. As Steve Jobs once said, “You work is going to fill a large part of your life, thus the only way to be fully satisfied with what you are doing is doing what you believe is a great work.”

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