Stray animals abound in Guwahati and given the lack of animal rescue system in the city, most die of preventable causes. We recently contacted a young girl from the city- Rubi Thakuria who rescued an injured puppy to share her tale. Her story exposes the callousness of authorities like animal rescue centers in the city. But it also expresses human kindness at a time when we are bombarded with images of animal cruelty on social media every day.

It was on the 2nd of July at around 5 pm. I and my sister were walking on the Namghar Path (Panjabari) on our way for some work when we found a stray puppy lying in pain, apparently hit by a car. Surprisingly, the people around paid absolutely no attention to her. My sister, who is 14 years old, shifted the poor puppy to near a shop by the road.

Meanwhile, I was trying to contact animal rescue centers but they were unreachable. We felt extremely helpless as we couldn’t leave the wounded puppy in such a state. We couldn’t bring it home as we already have three dogs so our parents wouldn’t allow it. What was even more heartbreaking was the fact that the puppy’s mother refused to leave her side and sat with her. Given the conditions, we thought they might not be able to get food so we bought and fed them biscuits. Our assumptions were right- they were so hungry that they ate almost 7 packets of biscuits.”

” Instead of helping us rescue the pup people still ignored it, giving us curious looks instead…”

Injured rescue puppy
The injured puppy being fed biscuits

“However, it soon started raining heavily. We could not bear to leave the puppy in that state there so after feeding her rushed to a pet shop near Jayanagar and approached the vet. He informed us that the puppy had a fractured leg and that it needed to be plastered which would take 30 minutes.

At around 8:15 pm after we had finally finished plastering the puppy’s fractured leg we were on our way back home. But the problem now was getting the puppy a home. It was a difficult situation because it was getting late and I called up many of my friends asking, in fact, begging them to keep the puppy temporarily till we found an owner for her. But everyone rejected it. My dad owns a Bhawan so we requested the helper of our Bhawan to keep her hidden. He sympathized with our predicament and agreed.

Then the next day I asked my best friend Mashrufa about keeping her and she agreed to do so for a week. My cousin Gautami Chetri came up with the idea of posting about the puppy on social media to find a home for her. I was also helped by my friend Antarixa through whom I contacted some rescue centers. It was through social media that I found an owner and I with my two younger sisters went to give the puppy. We hadn’t informed anyone else in our family and later only told our mother about the entire episode. We had named the puppy Bruno. She is recovering well and we would pay her a visit every weekend. She is now at Japorigog, adopted by Sukanya Supria Das and Pranjal Chowdhury.”

Injured puppy rescued
The new owners of the puppy

This truly shows that it doesn’t actually take many people or much effort to spread kindness!

Injured puppy rescue
Bruno is recovering fast and finally has a home

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