If you like the articles we post at snoozepost then show us your appreciation and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Orkut. Just kidding who uses Orkut anyways. Social media has brought in a new trend in the world today. From fashion, food, travel, sports to anything that one can think of, everything that is moving the market is doing so because of the presence of Social Media. It has become a fad, if it’s on Social Media, it’ll be running the streets. You want the same pair of shoes or dress your favourite model was wearing in those Instagram pictures. Social media is no more a tool, it’s a powerful weapon now. These platforms are the fruits of modern day media and the internet.


From 1997-2000 the first social media website ever created was called Six Degrees. Back on six degrees one could socialize and communicate with anyone who created a profile. Today, the total world’s population is 7.4 Billion people and 2.3 Billion of them are active social media users. Every one of us uses social media in one form or another. Until about a decade ago, Social Media was majorly used to communicate with friends and family who were staying far away. It was easy to connect via messages everyday than having to call. One could see photographs, videos etc on these platforms and stay updated with their family even when sitting at a place too far, almost being present there.

The world was becoming smaller. Distances were no longer a hindrance. For the 90’s kids, having an account on Orkut was an achievable thing. Orkut was a symbol of being cool. Since then, multiple websites and mobile applications have come into be to attract people, facebook and snapchat to name some. Steadily, the use of these platforms started to take a diversion. People were not just using it to connect with family and friends but also to the strangers. Well now, social media plays an important role in our lives. From posting our travel pictures on Facebook to complaining as a customer on Twitter, social media has become a vital part of our lives.

There was a time when all one could see on social media was a worlwide hangout of friends but with its increasing influence in the world companies have started to roll out their own accounts on these websites. In todays time social media is used for almost everything. Companies have started to use these platforms to establish their PR prowess via interaction. Advertisements, which were nothing but extra big hoardings have come down to 15 second videos on these portals. The extravagant costs of making those ads have drastically come down. The brand value has been reduced to nothing but how the company resolves your issues over the Internet. Political parties use the platform for campaigning and influencing the mass.

The Governments are using it to resolve issues of their people, gathering their opinion, providing relevant aid wherever and however possible. Business entrepreneurs use them for advertising, finding and targeting clients to establish their business. Bloggers, Youtubers use it to make money while continuing to pursue their passion. YouTube has now become a good institute of learning anything that you can think of. Entertainers have found ways of entertaining people via methods of memes and jokes on platforms like Twitter which has particularly become a hub of it.

Infact most of us start our day with a Good Morning text from our loved ones and end it with a Good Night over any of these platforms which include Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat etc. People have accepted social media as the biggest achievement of the modern time.

Just like every coin has two faces, so does the social media. Apart from all the good things it offers it can also be harmful to the modern generation. Kids nowadays spend most of their time playing video games on their gadgets. Google has no doubt become their best project partner. Overdose of anything is harmful and same goes for the social media. The trend of social media in todays world is at its zenith and its we who need to decide how we use it.

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