The Great Indian Confusion involving Snapdeal and Sonu Sood.

To defend or accuse India of intolerance or being ‘poor’ or being under a spell of ‘forced religiousness’ would be to go political and invite controversies. So I’ll not tread that territory and leave it by the door. However, what I will not leave by the door is how people are reacting to other people who confuse themselves when lashing out their anger on people and brands. Welcome the victims – Snapdeal and Sonu Sood.

Now the real story….

A day ago, the entire social media witnessed the rage that erupted when an ex-employee accused Snapchat’s CEO of describing India as a ‘poor country’. This resulted in so many things, two of them being: (a) Snapchat ratings and reviews dropping low (b) Snapdeal suffering the same ‘Boycott Snapdeal’ as a collateral damage.

snapdeal and sonu sood

If anything, this incident proved at least one point – that some of us are really not bothered on checking the facts before going on a rant online. And what proves this point furthermore is what happened today, again.

The following are the tweets by Sonu Nigam, an Indian singer:

Also guess, who had to take the hit this time?

Sonu Nigam – Sonu – Sonu Sood.

Sonu Sood, an Indian actor.



And this is how Twitter reacted to this entire fiasco of identities –

And of course, this.

When people started directing their sticks and stones at Sonu Sood, he was left completely blank on what wrong had he done after all??

He tweeted:

If you did not have a full breath of laughter yesterday, you can still grab some extra humor at how some people just feel the need to hold somebody accountable, even when they have caught the wrong person.

Whether it be the issue of an alleged comment by the CEO of a famous company or a direct one by an Indian singer, the social media sure is a place you cannot rely upon for facts or figures or news.

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