Skills that can be learnt in minutes

In today’s world of high  competition,  having talent is a great blessing. No doubt people of our generations are filled with talent and intelligence. But ofcourse one can never stop learning. We learn and grow everyday and there is definitely no harm in learning and gaining knowledge.

Today, generating time to gain knowledge or skills has become a tough task. The busy schedules and work pressure doesn’t allow people to spare time for themselves. However here are few skills that can be learnt in almost negligible time.

 How can you tell if someone is lying

An average person lies 3 times in a 10 minutes conversations About 3.37% of adults especially women lie about there age.
Besides these facts it’s mostly seen that people who think a lot before saying or hesitates to make an eye contact tends to lie about a certain thing.


How can you be fashionable in a few minutes. 

  • If you’re in a doubt and hurry about what to wear for a casual occasion , a white shirt and a blue denim always helps.
  • To change the costume in a little more stylish way you could add some contrasting accessories with a pair of heel.

How to convince people easily

It’s a saying that “if you are not successful in the first ‘C’ try using the second one”. Here the first C stands for ‘convince’ and second ‘C’ stands for ‘confuse’. So if you cannot convince, try confusing them. This trick depends on your ability to manipulate someone into getting your work done.

How to prepare yourself to be a perfect stage performer

  • Around 59.3 % of Indians have stage fright. We are generally shy and demand time to open up into the new society.
  • However this fear could be overcome in just a few minutes.
  • Before you go to the stage, practice the performance in front of the mirror and thereby you’ll learn your mistakes and points of improvements.
  • If you’re still not satisfied, perform the act in front of your parents or friends to know their reaction and your faults.
  • Look up straight into the audience’s eyes during the entire performance. This will in turn cover your nervousness.

These basic tips can be learnt in a couple if minutes without some real hard work. And would be helpful for your daily routine. 
Try them out and be the real you !

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