Everyone must have imagined once how to report expired person’s account in facebook.


After a person expires, his near ones can create an online request to either remove that particular account or memorialized.

So what is memorialized account?

This is a kind of account which allows family and friends to share memories of a deceased person. This account can only be accessed by a Legacy Contact.

A legacy contact is a person whom a particular account holder entrust to look after their account and have access to it after he/she dies.

Legacy contacts have permission to do the following things:


  1. Pin a post on the deceased person’s profile.
  2. Responding to new friend requests.
  3. Can update the profile and the cover picture as well.

Ok till here ??

But what if the deceased person didn’t select any legacy contact before his/her’s dead ??

In this case, that particular account won’t be cared for by any person after the request for memorialization is made.

How to make the request for memorialization?

It’s quite simple just click here and fill up the form. This form would ask you to enter information like the deceased person’s name, date of his/her expiry etc. Also maybe at times, you have to submit a proof of their death i.e. a death certificate.

Lastly, the important features of a Memorialized account.

  1. Next, to the name of the expired person, the word “Remembering” is displayed.
  2. Memories can be shared by friends and family on the timeline depending on the privacy settings of that account.
  3. All the photos and videos on those accounts stay on Facebook and are only visible to the persons it was shared with.
  4. These accounts don’t appear in suggestions for friends or upcoming birthday notifications.
  5. Memorialized accounts not having a legacy contact can’t be modified.
  6. If he/she is the sole admin of any page then it can be removed by making an appropriate request.

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