Ramzan 2018:

We all wait for this time of the year when the season of festivals start to bloom, and how can one not count Eid-Ul-Fitr.

What’s coming to your mind biryani, variety of non-veg savories, sweets or all of them. You might want to call up your muslim friends asking them to about the menu this time.

But there’s more than just food related to Eid, its also about sacrifice, charity, and earning from your good deeds that you do during the entire month before Eid-Ul-Fitr.


Ramzan, the holy month for the followers of Islam has just begun. According, to the Islamic calendar it is the ninth month and during these all the followers must observe Roza.

People offering evening namaaz

There are many rules which one needs to follow during the entire month of Ramzan while fasting and believe us its not that simple.

However, not everyone needs to do fasting there are exceptions for pregnant women as well as the ones having periods, elderly people who cannot miss their meals due to health issues and kids are exempted from fasting.

What is Roza?

For those who doesn’t know, it is the fasting which is observed by the muslim people during the holy month of Ramzan which ends with the sighting of the moon during Eid-Ul-Fitr.

Keeping Roza is not easy at all, during the time between Sunrise and Sunset one is not allowed to eat anything, not even they can swallow their own saliva.

Termed as one of the five pillars of Islam, if one observes Roza, he/she must be prepared to abide by the strict rules laid down by His Holiness Prophet Muhammad

Roza is much more than keeping fast, but its a way to earn from the good deeds one does during this holy month in order to please Allah and seek his blessings.

However, many new observers of this holy month often tend to miss out the essential rules which could make their fasting invalid. Here’s a list of the Do’s and Don’t’s in order to make their fasting a successful one.

What you should do to make your Roza successful?

  • Everyone visits the mosque or bows down before the Almighty wherever they’re when the Azaan is made, but the namaaz offered during this month has its own significance. So don’t forget to miss any of the five namaaz offered during a day.


  • Don’t swallow anything, however one is allowed to brush or take a bath but make sure you don’t take in water down through your throats.


  • Refrain yourself from telling lies, spreading rumours or bringing in evil thoughts on your mind. Give up all your bad habits while you observe Ramzan.


  • Roza itself means to keep fasting from sunrise to sunset, so no matter what you cannot consume anything at all.


  • Do charity, feed the underpriviledged as doing so directly means serving Allah and begging forgiveness for all sins committed.


  • Well, self control is the key during Roza, one can only indulge in consensual sex after the fast is broken but during the fast its a strict “NO”.


  • Recite the Holy Quran, during the entire month. This does not have to be completed in one go but one must try to read and complete the Holy book within the month of Ramzan of itself.


  • Just like Iftaar, Sehri or the pre-dawn meal is equally important so don’t forget to consume it before offering your fajr namaaz early in the morning.


  • Invite people and organise Iftaar, its always wise to share meal with everyone leading to strong bond of brotherhood and friendship.

Month of Ramzan is not only about fasting but also discovering the good in oneself. So, don’t let this month slip away if you haven’t started observing Ramzan yet you might want to begin soon.

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