“Indian Space Research Organisation” (ISRO) is all set to launch the ‘SOUTH ASIA SATELLITE’ on 5th May 2017.

This satellite will be exclusively used only by the neighboring South Asian countries of India but Pakistan won’t be amongst those countries.

Know more about the ‘South Asia Satellite’

It is a Communication satellite named GSAT-9 which will be projected into the space using ISRO’s GSLV-09 rocket from its launch pad in Sriharikota.

This satellite will have 12 Ku-band transponders in it with a liftoff mass of 2,195 kg and will be having a mission lifetime of more than 12 years.

South Asia Satellite
The GSAT-9 Satellite in an ISRO Lab

This communication satellite will be used by the concerned South Asian countries for disaster support and better communication network amongst the participating countries.

It’ll also enhance each of these countries services related to DTH, Information Sharing (such as weather etc) as well as the satellite will also support some VSAT capabilities.

Each of the participating countries would have a dedicated transponder ranging between 36 to 54 MHz for their own usage.

The reason why Pakistan won’t be able to access the services of this satellite is because they didn’t want to be a part of the project (pity on them!!). After their decision of not being part of this satellite project the name was changed from “SAARC Satellite” to “South Asia Satellite”.

PM Narendra Modi announced this satellite at the SAARC summit earlier in the year 2014 saying it to be ‘India’s gift for it’s neighbors’.

Earlier also ISRO has launched several satellites that have been helping the neighboring countries in various factors like healthcare and medical, weather forecast, education, disaster response plus management, as well as communication.

This satellite, however, will also help India to achieve some of it’s strategic goals in the South Asian region as well.

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