Here in India we take our exams seriously. As any- present or former- student will know, it begins with the dreaded Boards and goes on. It only intensifies over time, much like wine, except this’s not good stuff. IIT-JEE is one of these dreaded exams.

Now, if you have been living under a rock for the last thirty years or so and don’t what JEE means, it stands for Joint Entrance Examination. To quote Wikipedia:

Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is an all India common engineering entrance examination conducted for admission to various engineering colleges and courses all over the country.

Naturally, JEE is one of the most prestigious entrance examinations to pass for Indian youth. Especially for those interested in engineering…as well as those under pressure.

IIT-JEE test

A total of 1200000 students sat for the JEE Mains 2017. The stakes are generally high. The competition is intense. This has guaranteed it a reputation of one of the toughest exams of the country. It is a matter of pride to be able to crack it well.

JEE Exam

So, when a Quora user from UK was asked (challenged?) to solve the JEE paper, perhaps it was this competitive streak that motivated it. Whatever the reasons maybe, the said user, named Jack Fraser was asked to solve the 2016 JEE question paper.

What however most Indian Quorans were probably not prepared for was his response to the JEE paper-

Jack Fraser not only solved the paper but did it in 1/3rd of the time and with 100% correct answers.

There are ofcourse reasons to this. As  Fraser himself says later- he is pursuing a Post-graduate in Physics from Oxford University. Moreover, as tough as JEE might be, it is only an entrance examination, meant for high school students. It should not actually come as a surprise that Fraser did what he did.

What did come as a surprise to Fraser was the reaction of Indian Quorans to his ‘feat’, an IIT-JEE fiasco if you will-

Not only was Fraser labelled a liar, a whole stalking operation upon him was launched. His family was harassed with graphic images on social media sites. He was extensively searched on search engines and abusive messages were sent to his social media accounts as well.

His whole account of the series of the abuse following the IIT-JEE situation can be read in his response to “What’s the worst response you have received on Quora?”

Shocked? Maybe you shouldn’t be. Isn’t this the normal response to doing well in IIT-JEE in the country?

IIT-JEE test

Whatever the cause may be, the reputation thanks to this opened a whole can of worms on a Reddit thread as well-

The responses to the subreddit filed under r/india is sad. THere seems to be not much distance from memes to outright indecency Maybe it is time for some self-reflection?

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