Nokia 3310 Luxury ‘Putin-Trump Summit’ Edition

Nokia 3310 Luxury: This year Nokia came back to the market and launched Nokia 3310 which caught everyone’s attention the moment it was unveiled.

Nokia 3310 Luxury
The Circular Emblem with both Putin and Trump in it.

But now the same Nokia 3310 has been revamped to a luxury edition termed as ‘Putin-Trump Summit’ edition in order to honor the meeting of the Presidents of USA and Russia at the G20 Summit held in Germany.

A phone made to honor a meeting between the leaders of two countries bizarre as it sounds right???

But wait until you see the price of this phone.

The price of this phone is $2,468 which roughly comes around whooping Rs 1.6 lacs INR.

The phone is designed by a Russian cellphone customiser Caviar. The luxury edition phone has all the standard features that are included in a normal Nokia 3310 phone. But adding to this it has a luxurious leather casing with stripes of ‘Black Velvet’.

Wait it doesn’t end here, at the back of the phone, there is an emblem with Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump in it and the circular emblem is totally gold plated.

The customization doesn’t end here, the case of Nokia 3310 Luxury edition is made out of a VT-23 grade tempered titanium along with damask steel pattern.

Nokia 3310 Luxury

In the emblem also, Caviar has made both the leaders looking at the same direction thus signifying the common goals of peace and prosperity for both USA and Russia.

Not only Nokia 3310, Caviar is also offering modified iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the ‘Putin-Trump Summit’ edition. But here the cost will be higher as compared to the modified Nokia 3310 Luxury. There haven’t been any changes done to the internals of the phone and it works just fine.

This phone is surely a collector item and if you enough cash and you’re also interested in having one of this limited edition Nokia 3310 Luxury phone, then you must grab it now itself before the stock goes out.

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