Termed as internet’s accidental superhero Marcus Hutchins is a 23-year-old British Security researcher who stopped the spread of the WannaCry Ransomware by finding a “Kill-Switch” that affected hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide.

Recently on his visit to the US for attending the Def Con Conference in Las Vegas, he was reportedly arrested by the FBI.

Marcus operates under the name of MalwareTech on twitter. His arrest was confirmed by his friend in Nevada.

According to Vice news source MotherBoard, Marcus Hutchins was detained at the Henderson Detention Center in the state of Nevada on Thursday before moving him to some other undisclosed facility.

Marcus Hutchins gained much popularity after he accidentally found a “KILL-SWITCH” that resulted with the end of spreading of the WannaCry Ransomware. He did it by registering the domain that was responsible for the spread of the malware.


This same malware has affected big companies like Honda Motor Company, forcing its Japan-based factory to shut down its production, a Spanish telecommunications company and much more on the list worldwide.

The motive behind the arrest is still unclear and the lower level law enforcing authorities aren’t able to tell about the whereabouts of Marcus as this was an FBI activity and US Marshals have no information about this matter.

This arrest has created shockwaves around the computer security community worldwide and everyone over the internet is demanding for answers and also praying for his well-being.

Also the creators of the WannaCry Ransomware, today cashed out around $140,000 from their Bitcoin wallet which was used for collecting the ransom amount from the affected victims around the world.

Many are calling it to be some kind of conspiracy as both the events of the ransom amount being cashed out and Marcus’s arrest took place on the same day, it is still not clear though.

We just wish that wherever he is currently he is well.

The story is still developing so stay tuned for more.

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