Know about India’s Fastest man on Motorcycle Mansing Desai

Most of us ride bikes in our day to day lives for going to places, and why not when it comes to overtaking the others on the road bikers do not leave a single opportunity to show their talent.

But then there are also people who ride bikes for the love of traveling and exploring places, the one thing that sets them apart from regular day to day riders.

Mansing Desai

Mansing Desai is one such rider and what he did made him India’s fastest man on a motorcycle.

You might be wondering if he is a racer, but no he is just a normal rider owning a Triumph Tiger, for which he had to sell off his land.

How he became the fastest Indian on a bike??

Mansing Desai covered a distance of 2453.75 km in just 24 hours, even though his aim was to make it up to 2600 km in a day still, he managed a to make a new record. He was able to achieve the title of being the fastest Indian on a motorcycle in his third attempt.

Desai started his journey from his hometown in Islampur and at the end of 24 hours he marked his stop at Sankeshwar, Karnataka.

Mansing Desai who is also a member of a bikers club named Ashwamedh Royal Riders Club was accompanied and cheered by his friends and family members throughout the journey

Even though the current world record of riding the longest distance on bike according to Guinness World Records, is held by Matthew McKelvey. But the only thing that separates Matthew and Mansing is that the latter rode his bike on public roads whereas Matthew achieved the record riding his bike at Phakisa track in South Africa where he completed 1297 laps to achieve a total distance of 3256.5 km.

Mansing’s achievement was announced in the presence of the BDO of Islampur, Members of Ashwamedh Riders Sangli, Ashwamedh Riders Islampur, Royal riders Kolhapur & Kolhapur Super Bikers Club by RR Jaidip Pawar.

Mansing Desai
After the announcement about his achievement was made


Source: Rushlane

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