One of the most discussed topics nowadays might be whether it is smart to buy iPhones and whether this brand provides enough qualitative products for the prices it requires. Taking into account Apple’s main competitor is Samsung, a lot of people compare the products of the two brands. Samsung is cheaper; iPhone is more expensive, but do the prices correspond to the functions of the products? We are going to find this out in our article! How to make the right choice: iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S8? Are you interested? Then keep on reading!


In the battle Samsung vs iPhone in terms of the price, the absolute winner is the product by Samsung. While iPhone X costs $999 for 64 GB and $1,149 for 256 GB, Samsung Galaxy S8 costs $725. That is why if you have a limited budget, the answer is pretty clear – you should buy the latter because, for the lower price, you get an amazing product. 64 GB, 8MP camera, and water resistance are something you will want to pay $725 for. If you have more money and if you are the victim of marketing, you can choose the iPhone X.


In the camera competition of iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy S8, it is quite difficult to define the winner because both products have 12MP cameras, however, the front camera at Samsung Galaxy is 8MP while the one at iPhone is only 7. The iPhone does have worse rates at the aperture – 1.8 for the camera and 2.2 for the front camera compared to Samsung Galaxy S8 with 1.7 for both. The latter wins in the night pictures – all lighting conditions are fine for Samsung to take an amazing shot.

Navigation System

Both phones do not have a home button anymore – here, the brands implemented the innovative technology successfully. However, there is one thing that makes them a bit different. When you want to close the apps that you have been using at iPhone X, you only need to swipe from the bottom to the screen. However, in spite of the absence of the button as it is at Samsung Galaxy S8, the brand was quite conservative and left the pressure-sensitive home button. Here, in terms of innovation, the IOS system wins.

Customization Capabilities

The Galaxy S8’s Android system is a much more open-ended environment and allows for extensive customization via widgets, themes, and home screen tweaking. You can tweak an Android’s smartphone to fit your personal sense of style, whether you are a bird essay writer or a businessperson. IOS, on the other hand, when it comes to home screens, is just a static grid of app icons with very basic customization capabilities like being able to change your wallpaper. In the battle of Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone X, the first one wins, however, the majority of users do not need the function of customization at all. People are too lazy to choose the unique melody for their call, and they would not want to play with the themes.


IOS does offer some polished apps and a greater gaming experience. Just toward every game on the iPhone X including graphically demanding games will run at maximum performance with smooth and lock-free gameplay. This is a feature that Galaxy Samsung S8 will not be able to match. Additionally, the Apple app store does yield a larger number of quality apps as opposed to the Google play store. Therefore, if you care about apps and games and how well they perform, this is something to pay a very close attention to.


Galaxy S8 is more productive and feature-rich in the software department – it allows for split-screen multitasking which means you can run two windows side by side simultaneously. And, of course, the larger display enhances the whole multitasking experience. Samsung Galaxy S8 also has the edge functionality – you can swipe inwards from the edges of the display to bring up the edge panels. These edge panels can give you access to app shortcuts, weather widgets, tools like the compass or a digital ruler or calculator and much more. On top of that, it is fully customizable – you can add or remove a bunch of panels based on your needs. iPhone X does have a 3D touch which is a pressure-sensitive screen that allows you to access quick actions and other gestures by pressing down on the screen with the certain amount of pressure – not a bad feature, but rarely used.

It is not an easy task to decide who wins the battle of Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone X. Why? Because each device has its pros and cons, but what is true about both is that they are highly qualitative products and decent representatives of their brand. The battle of Galaxy S8 Vs iPhone 8** would be completely different though because the technical aspects of the latter are, in fact, lower. We would still recommend iPhone X because it is beautiful visually and its features are amazing. However, it is up to you to decide!

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