In a country where Goddesses are worshiped and on the other hand the crime against females are still increasing day by day, woman’s safety always comes into question.

Still, a girl fears of going out alone thinking of the consequences she might face and the most horrible thing is that most of the times when a woman needs help there’s no one around to help her out.

Keeping in mind these problems we present a list of 5 such applications which can be used if there is any problem and every woman must have them on their phones.

VwithU: An initiative by V Gumrah

woman's safety

VwithU is a popular women safety app which activates if the power button of the phone is pressed twice. This app sends the user’s status to her emergency contacts every 2 minutes along with the link containing the precise location of the user. The message sends out by the app reads as “I am in danger. I need help. Please follow my location”.


woman's safety

Raksha is another great app for women. This app has a button which when tapped sends out the users location to only the specified contacts which the user herself has selected. It has a unique feature too, even if the app is not opened, the user just has to press the volume key for three seconds as well as it can also send out emergency SMS’s even if there is no internet connectivity which is actually a great feature.


woman's safety

For the ladies especially living in Delhi, it is the app they must have on their phones. The app was launched by Delhi police in order to curb crime against women. For using this app the user first has to register herself on the Delhi police website after which an OTP is sent to the user in order to complete the settings of the app. Once setup, whenever the user presses the SOS button, the app will transmit her location as well as audio & video directly to Delhi Police control room.

Stay Secure

woman's safety

Another free women’s safety app available is Stay Secure. This app is activated after the power button is pressed five times and immediately it starts sending out alerts to users emergency contacts. Its SOS SMS feature is capable of sending out SMS to user’s five emergency contacts. This app can also work without the internet.


woman's safety

The easiest to use app on our list of 5 apps. Here the user just needs to shake her phone or else press the power button four times to send emergency SMS or calls to the user’s emergency contacts. This app also works without internet connection. For avoiding accidental emergency alerts generated due to the shaking of the phone the users have the ability to activate or deactivate that option as and when required.





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