In search of Overwatch’s Sombra

The creative team at Blizzard’s HQ came up with the latest hero background teaser for their immensely popular MOBA-esque FPS, Overwatch! And I have yet to calm down as because it has one of my main gals in the poster. That’s right! We finally have a Zarya comic! And to top it off, it also features probably my favourite DPS as well, Sombra! Titled “Searching”, it follows Zarya on her mission to hunt down Sombra after her infiltration of the Volskaya Industries. If your memory needs a jog, here’s the Sombra cinematic that also introduces Zarya in the last few seconds of the clip.


It’s not like that the gaming industry has been feeding itself off of Overwatch rumours for this. Blizzard, themselves have already released a synopsis for the comic and it they have confirmed that she would be facing a lot of trouble and has to team up with an omnic hacker that she clearly is not very fond of.

The Overwatch comic is slated to be released on September 27th and due to the time difference, it will launch on 28th for us on the subcontinent, and by the looks of it, it seems pretty badass.

Searching Cover Image



In other news, we have the new patch that nerfed the ultimate usage in Overwatch. Characters like Bastion(aka Overwatch’s spambotsupreme) did keep some of their ultimate charges if they died as soon as they used it. While it wasn’t at 100 percent, these players could still quickly regain their ultimate charge again.

However, the latest patch completely removes all the ultimate charge if you die in mid-animation. Players who use characters like Mei will have to time when they’ll use their ultimate ability. If a Widowmaker manages to land a headshot just as they use it, their ultimate charge will drop down to zero. What’s worse is that you would have also wasted your chance to use Dragonstrike or Blizzard.

Nerf aside, the latest patch also fixes several bugs that you can find on the official developers update, listed below. D.Va has also gotten a minor adjustment as Blizzard has added a new option for her Boosters. The previous patch added the new Junkertown map along with the Mercy and D.Va changes. Those who want to play the team shooter can get a copy for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Scroll down after reading the comic to know about our thoughts on it!Link to the comic : It’s out!


Is it only me or did Zarya change her demeanor completely in the comic as opposed to her her appearance in the animated short? This bothers me no end and oh well, maybe Papa Jeff has bigger plans for Zarya in the future. IN the comic, Zarya travels across the globe trying to track down Sombra, but Sombra manages to stay two steps ahead of her at all times. Zarya then receives orders from Katya Volskaya to go to Numbani to team up with a hacker named Lynx Seventeen, which is, SURPRISE, an omnic. While Zarya does not trust him when they met for the first time, with his help they are able to track down Sombra to Dorado where they take the old school method of tracking by asking literally all the shops, and in person as well. Then we meet Alejandra, the little girl in Soldier:76’s short and she tells Zarya where she can find Zarya.

They eventually track Sombra down and they have a bit of a showdown. Sombra hacks Seventeen and Zarya launches her Graviton Surge to capture Sombra and keep her contained. Sombra states that Katya was dealing with the omnics that Zarya hated and it comes as quite the shock to her. Zarya then whispers, what we thnk is the real name of Sombra, “Olivia Colomar”, and the look on Sombra’s face is of pure surprise. Sombra tells Zarya that the building was rigged to explode and she must choose between saving Seventeen or capturing Sombra. Zarya eventually chooses Seventeen (GASP!), and they leave the exploding building. Zarya let Sombra go, but for now, she has lost the innocence she had when starting out the comic.

What did you folks think of it? Personally, it has been a long time since we saw some serious character development in our characters ( I am not bashing the Junkertown comic, alright? I just think this has a bit more gravity to it). Zarya clearly has had to change her worldviews and she learnt that not all omnics are murdering hunks of metal, but they have compassion, morals as well. Whereas, her “friend”, Katya Volskaya, turned out to be a liar. We see that she is deeply confused and she will return to the front, away from everyone to think about the recent developments. Sombra, on the other hand, saw some pretty serious development as well. We have reason to believe that Alejandra might be related to her, in more ways than the usual, “she is my sister” trope we keep seeing all the time. Her name, “Olivia Colomar”, might be one of the key pieces of information that will close out this arc. All in all, we are super excited to see what Zarya or Sombra does next. With the Halloween event all but officially confirmed, we may see more content from the Overwatch team in the coming few months. All we can do now, is to wait and play Overwatch.

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