Jeff Bezos, the founder of world’s top e-commerce site Amazon has beaten Bill Gates to be the world’s richest man.

The difference between Bezos and Bill Gates is just $1 Billion. Bill Gates’ total net value is $90 Billion while that of Jeff Bezos is $91 Billion.

The news of Jeff Bezos being, the world’s richest man is based on Forbes real time billionaire index. The main reason of Bezos beating Bill Gates’ is the sudden jump in the share prices of his company Amazon.

It’s not only that Jeff became rich, even Amazon crossed $500 Billion market value mark for the first time this week.

He managed to reach the top position in just seven months earlier this year Bezos was placed fourth in the list of world’s richest man after Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Amancio Ortega.

Here are a few facts about Jeff Bezos –

  1. Jeff Bezos real name is Jeffrey Preston Bezos.jeff bezos
  2. He was quite an inventor from a very tender age, he once invented an alarm clock that acted as a security device to keep his siblings out of the room.jeff bezos
  3. Jeff pursued physics at Princeton University but later changed his degree for Computer Science and Electrical Engineering instead.jeff bezos
  4. Amazon earlier had many names such as Cadabra or

    jeff bezos
    The Garage from where started
  5. Bezos bought The Washington Post(one of the leading newspaper daily) for $250 Million.jeff bezos

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