Tokyo Trial is the story of a historic drama recreation of the trial that happened in 1946 following the Second World War. Eleven judges from all over the world were called to Tokyo. They then embarked on two and a half year old landmark trial that determined the outcome of over 28 Pacific war criminals as the entire world’s fate hung in the delicate balance and aftermath of the war.

Irrfan Khan has established himself as an international star. After working on projects like Inferno and Life of Pi, the actor is now back in a Netflix mini-series.

Irrfan Khan plays Radhabinod Pal, distinguished judge of the Calcutta high court and vice-chancellor of the University of Calcutta. As the judge from India, he is added to the panel as a representational afterthought—but his impact is immediate. Pal was the solitary judge who never compromised from a stand of absolute dissent: He believed that this idea of justice imposed by the Allies was one born out of vengeance, not legal fairness. When other judges—like Lord Patrick of the UK—insisted that this was the way for law to evolve, Pal emphasized that the international community had not yet reached the level of sophistication required to declare war a crime.

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