In the line of defence, men with arms have always played a very important role but sometimes even man needs help.

And the one who comes to the rescue are none other men’s best friend having “four legs, a wiggling tail and the will to do anything for their masters”– Military Dogs.

Military Dog
Military Dogs showcasing their discipline towards command recieved from the master

Unlike other normal pet dogs, military dogs have enhanced sense of smell and are excellent trackers when it comes to finding something, some are even trained to chase and capture the enemy even on the most difficult of terrains. They are also trained for search and rescue operations which indeed becomes very useful during calamities. Undoubtedly, military dogs are amazing and also highly disciplined.

Speaking about the amount of discipline they maintain, a military dog would not eat anything at all given by strangers until and unless he/she is their master.

From securing our borders to solving crimes within the city, these amazing four-legged creature is present everywhere.

But just like humans, these military dogs also get old and a time comes when they are retired from their service.

According to the rules followed by the Indian Army, these K-9 recruits are discharged from their duties when they turn 8 to 9 years old with full honour.

Where do these military dogs go after retirement?

Earlier till the year 2016, military dogs who were termed old and unfit to carry out their duties were euthanised (put to death painlessly). But now the government has come out with a policy for rehabilitating these four-legged soldiers.

Here, the only problem lies in the rehab centres where the retired K-9 soldiers are sent, they hardly get to engage in physical activities which is very much essential for a military dog.

In India, these dogs are sent to the Meerut Cantonment of the Indian Army for rehabilitation and the best part is that you can actually adopt at least one of these retired military dogs.

How to adopt a retired military dog in India? Here’s your answer

Recently, a Facebook post by one named Anita Deshpande explained about these retired military dogs and also shared the details about how and where to apply to adopt one of them. The post was originally made by Tanya Chaitanya and it gained much attention over the social after her friends shared it.

Here’s the post by Anita:


These brave four-legged soldiers have spent most of their lives in the line of duty, now you have the chance to return back the love and care they deserve. For this, all you need to do is to contact and send out an application for adopting one of these dogs to Indian Army’s Meerut Cantonment.

Note: Military dogs are very much different from normal pet dogs and require proper diet and maintenance along with regular physical activities, so before going for adoption one must keep in mind these requirements.

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