Sam Saccone, a member of the Chrome team at Google tweeted yesterday that Headless Chrome is coming soon. Here’s his tweet.

But what is headless software anyway?

In the simplest terms Headless software means any piece of software that works on your machine without a graphical user interface. It can do all the necessary networking stuff to get and push data, and perform other activities all without a graphical user interface, one simple example would be SSH.

As now we’re talking about Chrome and browsers in general, a Headless browser provides automated control of a web page in an environment similar to popular web browsers(you can set user agents and all), commands or given scripts are executed via a command line interface or using network communication. This is commonly used for Web Scraping,testing and other development related things.

What about Headless Chrome now?

Headless chrome will not be the first of its kind, people have made various headless browsers in the past of which PhantomJS and its companion CasperJS are two very popular ones. It will be quite interesting to see the final release of the headless chrome.

Chromium is the kind of the open source version of chrome where you can tweak thing up and down, run your own user scripts and all and people have also made headless chromium browsers out of it, a simple google search will give you a plethora of those results.

Lastly the development report on the chromium bug tracker for the headless chrome browser can be found here in case you want to get into some advanced stuff.

Conclusion for the Headless Chrome Browser

Well it’s nothing new, but yeah it will be the headless version of Google Chrome which happens to be my second favorite browser (first is Firefox, just in case), it’s definitely something to watch out for and let me know what you think about the headless chrome browser the comments section.

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