In this month’s news, Yooka-Laylee’s Nintendo switch version has been delayed as development has hit a snag and expectant buyers can only expect a solid release date when all the problems have been fixed. Previous delays were made when the developers decided that the problems they were then facing could have been fixed by using the new Unity VV5.6 but the problems have still been appearing.

We can only wait and sit tight till we get any release dates. In other Switch news, we may have a possible GTAV port. While there has been no hard evidence, apart from the following screenshot, where Vern, a NeoGAF user who has previously teased about the LA Noire port to the Switch, not outright denying the existence of  a port. We may be seeing a leak from Rockstar itself bois.

With Divinity: Original Sin 2 coming out this month, we see the first crop of reviews out and the game already has scored the coveted 10\10 on Gamespot. It has seen massive positive reviews on Steam, and from our playthrough’s we absolutely recommend you to get the game at the earliest to see what the fuss I all about(Spoiler: It is genuinely amazing. I haven’t sunk my teeth on an RPG this juicy since The Witcher 3). DanganronpaV3 has been out for sometime as well and the reviews look good. It has been racking up good review from the community and has seen an altogether rise in popularity. We recommend getting this game if you have a taste of violence, sarcasm and dark, very dark humor.

On the multiplayer state of things, PUBG got a lot of flak when prominent streamers complained of stream sniping and the developers have been banning quite a few number of players without doing background checks for the players in question. This has led to a massive outcry from the huge playerbase and as ofnow, we are still waiting from an update from the developers. On rainbow six:siege, after the much debated recoil overhaul, the playerbase has again called for the recoil system to be changed to pre-patch condition.

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, the recoil system was wholly changed due to the fact that most of the guns had a alignment issues. One taps and other small burst shots were relatively unaffected but sustained fire caused the bullets to veer off the sights. The recoil change was one of the ways the developers found out to change these issues. But due to the new class based recoil system employed, people are worried that the predictable recoil will entice people to use macros to cancel it out. The new recoil changes have been rolled out to the TTS for the community to test out and the upcoming changes will be rolled out soon as well.

This is all for today and lookout for our review of Divinity Original Sin 2 coming up in the next few weeks!

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