Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 just landed on the online streaming service Hotstar early today IST. Hotstar has been extensively promoting the worldwide premiere for over several weeks.

Game of Thrones Hotstar
Encouraging people to sign up to Hotstar instead of downloading Torrents

The promotion venture seems to be a success- Hotstar crashed today with the influx of viewers vying to watch the first episode, titled Dragonstone.

And regardless of what weather forecasts maybe telling you-

Game of Thrones Whitewakers
Winter is, finally, here

Now, if you’re one of the ones who couldn’t catch it on Hotstar and you’re waiting to catch it elsewhere, we have a great ride ahead for you.

We laid out the hints of the crucial moments to get you pumped up till you catch the full episode.

And, ofcourse- NO spoilers so fan the flames of your excitement for the Game of Thrones

The Prologue

Now, if you’ve seen GOT you pobably think you’ve seen it all. Incest, consensual sex and not-so-consensual sex and the murders, oh the increasingly gruesome and ingenious methods of murders.

There seems to be no way to shock the collective conscience of us GOT folks, right?


Even after 6 seasons GOT hits back and how! The stage is set and the intention is clear: the mother of all television series is back with a bang.

The Queen on the Iron Throne

Game of Thrones Cersei Lannister

The last season saw Cersei Lannister doing what she does back: vengeance. She finally sits on the Iron Throne and fulfills her ambitions.

Where does that bring her now? Redecorating the house, actually. And a prospective marriage, maybe….

Before you snort with disbelief, just remember: nothing in the GOT universe is insignificant and puny. Especially with Cersei. So, no matter what it sounds like in words, expect some majesty.

The House of Stark

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Sansa Stark

Now that Jon Snow and Sansa Stark have reunited and Ramsay Bolton and his cronies defeated, our long cherished dream of the united North is surfacing.

Yet, all is not well.

But, when is it ever in Game of Thrones?

And while they prepare to face the enemy, Littlefinger continues his Machiavellian streak of elevating tension instead of ending it.

The Return of a ‘Certain Someone’

The first episode of the new season introduces some new characters in the series. And certain unprecedented developments.

But we also see a barely legitimate glimpse of someone we will choose to call ‘certain someone’. Trust us, this is one return you will welcome.

The Singing Minstrel

Perhaps you know, perhaps you don’t. In any case, you will know when you hear the voice before you see the face.

That’s all we will give away about the season’s first guest appearance.

And, last but the farthest away from the least-

The Mother of Dragons

Game of Thrones Daenarys Targaryen

Daenarys Stormborn.

She is here, she is home.

“Shall we begin?”

Catch Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 on Hotstar next week.

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