Hello World! This is SnoozePost’s new gaming section and to launch it, let’s look at the gaming scene this past week. We will be looking into some pf the most popular games as of now and will eventually dip into the full gaming scene eventually! Moving on, we had BIG changes to Blizzard’s beloved MOBA-esque first person shooter OverWatch, some serious changes to Ubisoft’s first person shooter, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege as well, the Krakow CSGO tournaments drawing to a close and players getting to test out the beta version of the new De_Dust II. We’ll get into each topic in details below! Keep reading!


Angela Ziegler, or better known as Mercy, the badass German Blonde, is getting major changes which are already live, on the PTR (which is the abbreviation for Public Test Region, Blizzard’s testing ground for their changes and patches). Her ultimate ability, which was her Resurrect, will now be her secondary ability with some changes. These changes include:

  • She will be able to resurrect only one player at a time and her Resurrect will only be available when she is very close to the corpse of the player that died, or more exactly she has to be within 5 metres of the deceased player
  • She will no longer be invincible during Resurrecting
  • Resurrect is on a cooldown of 30 seconds.

Her new ultimate, which is called Valkyrie (I think that sounds really cool), is far more like Lucio’s “Amp It Up!” but on steroids. When she triggers her ultimate, she will be able to:

  • Not as in Pharah flying, but real flight. She will be able to move 360 degrees across the map.
  • Her movement speed is increased.
  • Her damage from her gun is increased and it has infinite ammo and higher fire rate (nano mercy meta?).
  • Her healing stream splits to multiple allies as well her damage boost stream at the same time.
  • Her resurrect cooldown drops from 30 second to 10 seconds on her initial cast and then resets immediately.
  • Her passive, Regeneration, is no longer interrupted when she takes damage.

Well, what do you think about our Mercy’s new ultimate? I, for one, as a support main, love to see her new ability in action. (Disclaimer, Author’s personal opinions ahead!) I tried it on the PTR for an hour and all I can say is Mercy is no longer the one-trick hero we keep seeing. I know there are a lot of really amazing Mercy players and I am really interested in seeing how they change their tactics. All in all, Season 6 of Overwatch promises to be quite the exciting affair!

Moving on to D.Va, she gets a brand new ability (which is, very frankly, great for players with bad aim like me) which is called Micro Missiles and some key changes to her kit as well.

  • Micro Missiles are D.va’s second ability to increase her damage as because her primary fire damage is laughable and at best is a minor annoyance. These missiles can be fired when Boosting or setting up her Defence Matrix and also while flying. Each trigger of Micro Missiles launches 18 missiles that detonate on impact, and each explosion has a damage of 8HP and each impact of the missiles does a damage of 4HP and has a cooldown of 8 seconds.They have a radius of 1.5m and they DO have damage falloff. (Please note, these are subject to change as they have not been finalized!)
  • She can now shot or launch her missiles while boosting.
  • Her Defence Matrix has been cut by half. As the OverWatch Develop­er Team thought that it was too overpowered in many situations and this will force players to prioritize their targets before hitting them.

What do you think about her new abilities and the nerf to her Defence Matrix, which made D.Va, one of the most picked tanks in this season? Did Blizzard hit the nerf hammer on her too hard? Or is it justified? Tell us in the comments below!

Also, after looking at these updates, we may gloss over the fact that Reinhardt got a small buff in the form that he can look around while holding down the button to deploy his shield so that Rein players get more visibility and coordinate with their team better.

Players at Gamescom 2017 got to experience the new hybrid map, Junkertown, which is home to Overwatch’s beloved Junkrat and RoadHog (RIP Hog, 2017) and from the looks of it, is perhaps the most unique of all the maps in the roster and everyone is extremely hyped about it!

Also, Blizzard has also released a new short that features Mei (The Spawn of Satan) that sheds some light into her past. Watch it below if you haven’t till now!

What do you think about all the changes Blizzard did to Overwatch this week? Do you think it is justified? Or do you think it is too much? Let us know! We would love to get feedback from you!

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege has been the sleeper hit in the multiplayer FPS genre and while most players WILL tell you that the game is buggy and has a lot of optimization issues, all of us dearly love it due to the introduction of tactical gameplay in a genre that pretty much glorifies the “SPAM LMB 2 WIN COINZ” strategy. However, Ubisoft may have hit a serious nerve to its players with their decision to remove, YES, REMOVE, maps from the map rotation on both Casual and Ranked games as well as removing two maps completely from the game which are Yacht and Favelas, stating various performance issues. The new rotations will be as follows:

  • For Ranked matches:
    1. Bank
    2. Clubhouse
    3. Oregon
    4. Kafe Dostoyesvky
    5. Consulate
    6. Chalet
    7. Border
    8. Coastline
    9. Skyscraper
  • For Casual matches:
    1. Bank
    2. Clubhouse
    3. Oregon
    4. Kafe Dostoyevsky
    5. Consulate
    6. Chalet
    7. Border
    8. Coastline
    9. Skyscraper
    10. Kanal
    11. Hereford
    12. Bartlett University
    13. House
    14. Plane
    15. Theme Park (to be released)

Ubisoft has also announced that they have elected to deactivate the Map Preferences system available in the options menu for all PvP matches but they will still be available for Terrorist Hunt Modes.

What do you think about this? I, for one, being a season pass holder, am absolutely fuming over this decision of removing maps completely from the game! Ubisoft! That’s not how you optimize a game OR solve any of its issues! Tell us how you feel about this change!

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

A remake of the now hallowed map, Dust2 is in the works and we could get it a lot quicker than we initially thought and this was tested by the Natus Vincere team during one of their bootcamps. The team received the beta version directly from Valve and features reworked visuals and will be put on Active Duty right away when it is added to the game!

In other CS news, Gambit took home the $500,000 first prize of the PGL Krakow 2017 competition and they came back to claim victory over Immortals, where they lost Cobblestone (16-10) but then won Train (16-11).

Well, that’s it for now! If you enjoyed reading this, let us know! If you had any suggestions, let us know too. This is a platform, where two way talk is encouraged. I’ll see you gamers online or right her! Keep Fragging!

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