The holiday, which came to life of modern man from the ancient Celts, is celebrated today in the majority of countries. This is Halloween (or Samhain, as it was called before). On the night of October 31 to November 1, many people arrange parties and celebrations. Since the holiday is not quite ordinary, then the decorations for party, and the costumes, and even the invitations must correspond to the occasion and frighten guests to death!

If your design of the invitation seems too plain, our halloween invitation ideas will help scare your guests and make celebration unforgettable.

1. Cruel pumpkin


Jack-o-lantern is a symbol of Halloween. At the eve of All Saints Day, you can see scary pumpkins everywhere from streets to living rooms. Why not reflect jack-o-lantern on your Halloween party invitations?

For cruel, scary pumpkin you will need:
– 1 sheet of brown cardboard for the main part;
– 1 sheet of black, orange and green cardboard for decorations;
– 20 cm of melange black and white and orange-white knitting thread;
– White ink pen;
– scissors and glue.


1. Prepare eyes, and pumpkin smile cut out from black cardboard, pumpkin “handle” from green and the pumpkin itself from orange cardboard. Layouts can be drawn by hand on the back of the cardboard, or you can search the Internet and download ready invitation template.

2. Gather components and glue all the pieces in a single pumpkin. Attach pumpkin to the piece of cardboard

3. Decorate the postcard with a few loops of melange thread. Add a dashed frame around the perimeter using a white ink pen.

2. Creepy ghost


Some say, when the cruel person dies, their soul turns into ghost and stays in the world of living to wonder forever. Whether you do or do not believe in ghosts, you can quickly create frightening invitation design. You can reuse unnecessary papers painted in different colors for the cards. But if you need the paper to be written will be your saviors.

Materials for creepy ghost card:

– 1 sheet of dark gray or blue cardboard;
– 1 sheet of white, yellow and black colored paper;
– puppet eyes (2 pairs);
– glue and scissors.


1. Cut out square 15 by 15 cm from the blue cardboard.

2. Prepare the rest of the card. Cut out two bats of different sizes from black colored paper, round moon – from yellow, and a ghost – from white.

3. Glue the parts on the blue cardboard.

4. Stick big bat puppet eyes to the face of a ghost.

5. The text of the invitation can be written on the reverse side, or you can put a secret note in the pocket on the card.

3. Witch’s magic cap


Witch is another mysterious creature that arouses horror among real Halloween fans. Invitations made in the form of witch’s cap will impress your guests with creativity and make them visit your party!

– black cardboard (2 sheets) and 1 sheet of orange cardboard;
– A piece of bright paper in colorful polka dots;
– 50 cm of red ribbon and black lace 2 cm wide;
– glue, scissors and paper clips.

1. Cut out two identical hats from black cardboard. Glue a piece of an orange cardboard cutout in an arbitrary form on the one hat and a piece of bright wallpaper fully meeting the cap on another one.

2. After the upper part of the hat dries, make holes between the cap and the crown with a blade or sharp scissors, and stretch the ribbon and black lace in them. Fix the fabric with glue from inside.

3. On the orange paper glued to the first hat, write the text of the invitation. Fasten both hats to each other with a clip or pin. The postcard is ready!

Once the cards are done, don’t forget to add all the necessary information about your costume party. Be creative and turn the average card into scary Halloween invitation writing down such information:

Dear friend! We invite you to a Sabbath devoted to the All Evils Day – Halloween! We’ll cook soup from frogs, snakes, and orangutans, drink a swamp broth and fresh blood, dance around the witch’s broom! It will be fun and delicious, we promise! We are waiting for you on October 31, at midnight!

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