Fappening 2017: Hackers continuing the trend from the previous years of leaking nude and personal pictures of several top class celebrities online, this time also they did hit back again by leaking pictures of more celebrities on the internet.

What do we learn from this incident ??

The celebrities didn’t learn any lesson from the previous chapters of the leak and most probably didn’t take care for securing their stuff online.

This time the celebrities who are affected include ace golfer Tiger Woods and his ex Lindsey Vonn, Anne Hathaway, Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart, Katharine McPhee. Several photos which are inappropriate for being posted online of these celebrities have surfaced on the internet according to reports.

The earlier similar incident was “Fappening 2.0” where photographs of female celebrities like Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried was leaked on online platforms Reddit and 4chan.

Fappening 2017

How Fappening 2017 might have happened?

Fappening 2017 may have happened because of some unidentified hacker group or maybe just a hacker having access to the iCloud accounts of the above-mentioned celebrities. After gaining access they might have taken the photographs which were later leaked online.

Well, this also does raise questions on Apple’s security as well.

Going back in time, in the Fappening 2014 incident photos of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian etc were leaked over the internet. Here, in this case, the hackers used the phishing technique to gain access to the accounts of various celebrities by creating fake sites and asking them to enter their Apple iCloud account credentials.

After this incident, Apple issued a statement saying that they’ll beef up iCloud’s security mechanism to prevent anything like this from happening in the near future.

But look’s like they failed !!

You might now be wondering are you really safe ??

So here we are bringing you some of the important points that are really very necessary for keeping your things safe online.

Here are few points for keeping yourself safe online :

  1. No services provider including big companies or banks asks anyone to give their password and other credentials via a mail. So if you receive any such e-mail just refrain from it and report.
  2. Update your passwords on various platforms frequently, don’t keep the same password over a long period of time.
  3. Ok, there’s a new method of verifying an authentic user i.e. the two-factor authentication. Enable it for all your accounts this will help prevent unauthorised access to your accounts.

Just in case you have the habit of forgetting all your passwords that you have placed on your accounts there are a number of good password managers that keep your passwords safe, click here to get the list of them.

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Source: The Hacker News

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