In what can be said to be an utter shame for all living in the 21st century, a fake WhatsApp text about child abducters claimed two innocent lives in the state of Assam, Nilootpal Das and Abhijeet Nath.

The two young men were mercilessly lynched by a mob at Panjuri Kachari village in the district of Karbi Anglong, when they stopped to ask the locals about some directions . Moreover, few men even recorded their horrific video and later on uploaded it to the social media site Facebook.

What’s more shocking was that in that video, Nilootpal was clearly heard saying,“Don’t beat me, I’m an Assamese, my father’s name is Gopal Chandra Das, my mother’s name is Radhika Das”. Despite of their plea for mercy, those villagers kept on hitting them with sharp objects and bamboo sticks.As soon as the video got viral, it was clear that this was a sheer case of superstition, which was the result of a fake WhatsApp text shared by some anti-social miscreants in order to disrupt to peace in the society.

Not only Nilootpal and Abhijeet, but many more have fallen prey to such kind of fake messages and post on social media (particularly Facebook).Earlier in may, a mob took the life of an innocent person in the state of Tamil Nadu after he was seen wandering the streets.

Here, one thing can be noticed that all these sort of fake messages have created havoc across the country and most of the images which are circulated through this sort of fake post are actually taken from various illegitimate sources which have nothing to do with whatever has been claimed in the post while most of the videos are doctored from various movie clips originally from outside India which are later shown as something which happened in our own country.But does the spread of such messages or post ever end??

The answer to this lies in the fact that how our citizens react on such post and messages.

The spread of such Fake Post and Messages

While digging across the internet looking for such fake updates on social media, what we found was a post from Manipur and surprisingly it was posted very recently. ( 11th June 2018 ). Link to the post

The post which was written in Manipuri read as

“According to news there are 500 non Manipuri individuals particularly transgenders. They came to the North-East, few are even arrested by the police in Dimapur side. They came for their business, which is killing people and take out their kidneys and sell them”

Now the most alarming part is that this post already got plus five thousand shares on Facebook, and many people have tend to believe this which is very dangerous as this may lead to harassment of the innocent ones’  in the name of suspicion.

But apparently all these are nothing but hoaxes, which are sent out to disrupt the peace and harmony within the community.

According to many sensible people, there’s a hidden roll of various political parties who try to divert the minds of the citizens from the real issues relating to the governance and development of our country into believing this superstition things.

Here is a video by Dhruv Rathee Explaining how dangerous it can be if you forward a message without verifying it.

The state of Assam has already lost two very talented youths for the ignorance of our society towards the authenticity of these type of fake post but it’s a request to our readers to spread the light into these matters and report it to the authorities as soon as they come across them.

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