Certain males in India do not need room to hack themselves, they can just do it anywhere and anytime. Only if you know what does “HACK” means in this regard.

A similar case happened in Kolkata this Saturday where a man was arrested by the police after woman post videos of him masturbating while gazing at them in a bus.

During the investigation, the convicted person arrested from Shyampukur police station area in the city was found to be a hawker, according to the information shared by Kolkata Police on its Facebook page.

The woman who shared two video clips on her Facebook page said that 15 days back also, the woman and her friend went through the same situation with the same person where he allegedly pulled down his pant and showed them his private part.

The video shared by the woman showed a man making vulgar gestures and further went on to masturbate in front of the two women.

Here is the facebook post shared by the woman.

The woman on her Facebook post said,”When we protested and asked the bus conductor to take action, he ignored our pleas. Fifteen days back when the person had made vulgar gestures we could not do anything as we did not have any proof. Today we have these two videos as proof and we want justice.”

Taking swift action on this issue, the Kolkata Police arrested the person hailing from Baidyabati in Hooghly district within hours after the matter was posted by the victims on Facebook.

Furthermore, Kolkata Police through a post on their Facebook page said,”We don’t need any written complaint. The videos posted on our Facebook page is enough for us. We have already lodged a case. We are trying to track down the culprit.”

However, the pervert in now arrested and the police have assured both the victim women appropriate punishment for the convicted person.

Cheers to the Kolkata Police and we hope all other police institutions across the country also take similar and appropriate measures about women safety and security in their respective cities and areas.

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