During emergency it becomes very difficult to get blood. While there are many who are willing to donate blood but often it becomes difficult for the patients or their family members to get connected with them. We have often seen people requesting in Facebook pages and groups when they are in need of blood.

To make this process easy and to bridge the gap between blood doners and people who are in need , The tech giant Facebook launched a way which will make Blood donation easier in India.

Here is what Mark Zuckerberg wrote in his facebook page

” Today we’re launching a way to make it easier to donate blood in India.

In an emergency, people often reach out to their community on Facebook — asking for donors, organizing donation groups and checking local blood banks. Every week across India, there are thousands of posts from people seeking blood donations. Like many countries, India doesn’t always have enough donors to provide everyone with reliable access to safe blood.

It can be hard to find a donor or donate to someone outside your network. So we worked with non-profit organizations, blood banks, and donors to build a tool to make it easier to give blood. Donors can register on Facebook and get a notification if a person or an organization nearby needs blood, and people who need donations can be connected to potential donors.

The idea for this feature came out of a hackathon, and Hema Budaraju, one of our product managers, helped make it a reality. This issue is personal to Hema, whose father was diagnosed with cancer five years ago and lost so much blood during chemotherapy that he had to have a transfusion every day for a week. Hema had to reach out to friends and family to ask for donors and many people showed up once they realized it would help her dad. This is a constant reminder for Hema that people are always willing to help, they just need the tools and information to do so.

Thanks to a lot of people who worked on this new service, we now have those tools and hope they help people come together in ways that weren’t possible before. “

Here is the facebook post by him.

It a great step by Facebook and i’m sure it will help many people who are in need.


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