Sher Shah Suri and his missing guns

Sher Shah Suri was an ethnic Pashtun who took control of the Mughal empire in the year 1540. Apparently, there’s a bit of unresolved history about some of the things related to him.

But recently a gun belonging to Sher Shah Suri was discovered in a circuit house in Chapakhowa, in Sadiya of Upper Assam. The gun was found back in the year 2014 but it wasn’t made public until Union Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma while giving a response to a query raised by a parliamentarian on ‘India’s missing monument’ said that a gun belonging to Sher Shah Suri was among the list of missing items on Monday.

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After revealing this, upon being asked if the Centre had conducted any sort of survey to find out the missing monuments, he replied that the gun belonging to the Emperor and the ruins of a Copper temple in Arunachal Pradesh were the two monuments that were on the list of the 22 missing items.

It was believed that the Copper temple also known as the Tamrevari Mandir had sunk in the mighty Brahmaputra.

Emperor’s Gun and other two other swivel guns of the Mughal Nawwara were found after the then sub-divisional officer (SDO) Lakshmanan S, took interest and assisted the search conducted by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

Sher Shah Suri

The guns on the verandah of the circuit house and the other two items in the store room there were indeed the ‘missing monuments’, this was confirmed by the ASI Guwahati Circle.

As said by K Amarnath Ramakrishna, Superintending Archaeologist of ASI Guwahati circle,”The guns should have been treated as antiques rather than monuments. This adds to the confusion. We can sort out the matter in a scientific and technical way.”

Sources: Times of India

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