Elon Musk the man who never fails to amaze the world with his innovations and bizarre ideas is on his way to make yet another absurd looking idea come true.

The Idea??

Earlier this month, Elon Musk in one of his tweets said that about his plan to send a Tesla Roadster to Mars.

Here are the Tweets from Elon Musk:

He mentioned about making Tesla Roadster as the first payload on the inaugural demo flight of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy and the best part about Musk is that what he tells he also makes it come true.

Elon Musk is a true visionary and to fulfill his dream of colonizing Mars he founded SpaceX.

However, SpaceX also manufactures and launches rockets and satellites for both commercial and military applications and simultaneously carrying out research and development work for sending humans’ to Mars.

SpaceX currently only operates the Falcon 9 rocket, which consists of a core first stage booster and a second stage. New Falcon Heavy is equipped with two additional Falcon 9 first stages. It is expected to become the most powerful rocket in the world when it takes off next month from Florida.

Returning to his plan of sending Roadster to Mars

Termed as absurd, many people around the world said Elon Musk was kidding and he wouldn’t send a rocket to Mars just to deliver a car as a payload.

But who knew Elon Musk was dead serious about his announcement.

Few Pictures of a First Gen Tesla Roadster being assembled on a platform on a SpaceX payload unit which was seeing circulating on NASA Spaceflight Forum proved everything Musk claimed and things don’t get more real than that.

Here are the pictures:

Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Elon Musk earlier this month said about his sentimental values attached to this mission.

“I love the thought of a car drifting apparently endlessly through space and perhaps being discovered by an alien race millions of years in the future.”

Also since it’s just a demo flight, so SpaceX avoided sending anything valuable like a satellite as payload.


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