The future of the tech world is Iot and Google has released a new preview console for its platform for Iot, Android Things.The new console makes it easier for developers to manage their Android Things devices as it gives them more control.

Android Things makes it easier for developers to perform a variety of tasks like creating factory image, or sideloading APKs. The company has noted in its Android developers blog that any devices registered via the console will receive future updates, including the upcoming Developer Preview 5. Further, since the  c onsole is a preview, the company encourages developers to offer feedback by filling bug reports and giving feature requests.

“This console allows developers to manage the software running on their fleet of Android Things IoT devices, including creating factory images, as well as updating the operating system and developer-provided APKs. Devices need to run a system image downloaded via the Android Things Console in order to receive future updates, such as the upcoming Developer Preview 5. Google provides all of the infrastructure for over-the-air (OTA) updates, so developers can focus on their specific application and not have to build their own implementation – getting their IoT devices to enter the market faster and more securely than before,” Google said in its blog.

Google’s IoT platform started out as Project Brillo, but was rebranded as Android Things last year. It also comes with turnkey support for Intel Edison, NXP Pico, and Raspberry Pi 3.

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