Delhi Air Pollution: Termed as the worst in the recent years, the air pollution level in the national capital of India i.e. New Delhi has crossed the extreme limit till which a normal human can tolerate. The air around the Delhi NCR Region has become totally unbreathable enough to give rise to numerous health problems for the people living there.

Well according to doctors there, the air in Delhi has become so polluted that breathing in it is like smoking 50 cigarettes a day.

Also, it was seen that many residents living in the most affected regions opting out to buy air purifiers from the market, as the air purifier sales have also escalated during the recent times in New Delhi.

Buying an air purifier reduces the pollutants inside a house, office or cars to the levels where it becomes less harmful to breathe by sucking in the polluted air from around and letting out fresh air.

But buying a good air purifier is not easy from the market which is already filled with several varieties of the product.


  • Always check the range of the air purifier till which it can suck in and transfer the clean air. Apparently, the clean air delivery rate in a filter should be more than 300 cubic meters, which will assure that a room is completely covered.


  • Look out for HEPA( High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter in the air purifier. Having a HEPA filter is a must for good air purification. People will find many products in the market which say HEPA-like filters, which must be avoided. HEPA ensures that small particulate matter (PM2.5 and less) that can go deep within the lungs and cause respiratory problems are totally cleared out from the air.


  • Make sure that the air purifier you’re buying is energy efficient as for continuous purification, the purifier should be kept running most of the times. So it’ll be better if you avoid buying air purifiers which has energy consumption rate above a 100 watts


  • Always check for pre-filters in an air purifier that omits out the larger polluting molecules from reaching the HEPA filter and reducing its efficiency.


  • Strictly avoid air purifiers which functions using negative ions, photocatalytic oxidation, and UV lights. These 3 components give out ozone as a by-product which is very harmful to the respiratory organs in the long run.
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