Database of JIO leaked

In recent developments, the database of 120 million users of JIO leaked online in an independent website named the MAGICAPK.

The data of JIO users which is leaked include first name, last name, mobile number, email id, circle, SIM Activation Date and even Aadhaar Number.

JIO leaked
From our own investigation
JIO leaked
Source from fonearena

This hack is termed as the biggest data breach in India as data of 120 million people has been compromised. It took us several attempts to find out if our data was there amongst the leaked ones.The sluggish website which has leaked this database is expected to go down eventually as more and more users are rushing in to check if their data is leaked.

It is still not clear how all these sensitive data got leaked and who had access to the database other then JIO. The worst affected are the people here who applied for JIO sim during the preview offer. Mostly the old nos. got leaked however the recent subscribers were saved as they aren’t much affected. The Aadhaar number of many users didn’t show up for many numbers.

According to the officials at JIO, the investigation is still going on and till then they are doing everything to keep their databases secure.

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