VIP, as the abbreviation suggests, it stands for ‘Very Important Person‘. It accords special privileges to people who are important, influential and posses a high status in the society. These VIPs form the top layer of the country which includes politicians, actors, bureaucrats, industrialists, sports personalities etc. People of their stature are granted with flaunting ‘over-the-law’ powers.

In a developing country like India, VIPs play an important role as an ideal for the general public. For example, Bollywood, the established actors hold great influential power over the people. People mimic their lifestyle to be and look like them. Not only are they treated with humongous amounts of love and respect but also with contempt when they’re involved in something harmful to the society. And as it appears, people tend to misuse their power in every sector when they’re granted with one.

It is not an exaggeration to say that these tags of VIP are nothing but a tool to bend laws and schedules to one’s own need which further causes unrest in the general crowd. A prime example of such acts include delayed flights and events which cannot be executed further because of the late arrival of “VIPs” of our nation. While they are supposed to be a personality to be looked up to, they’re busy plummeting their presence in people and causing discomfort.

These events can still be ignored on the basis of being trivial. What really itches people is the large-scale bothering they cause to the public. As an example, if we take a Chief Minister’s convoy, it requires luxurious cars followed with rallies of people chanting his name. Bodyguards and armed vehicles protecting him and party members appreciating his so-called “political work” for the public. However, all this process bring is harassment to the locals with never-ending traffic jams, road blockage and not to forget the nuisance caused. To worsen the case, many a times people die due to these extravagant convoys. In 2010, the then PM Dr. Manmohan Singh’s convoy became the trigger of a man’s death in an ambulance which couldn’t find its way to the hospital in time due to multiple roadblocks and traffic jams.

In a recent incident in Assam, the Chief Minister, Dr. Sarbananda Sonowal’s convoy in Guwahati vexed the people in the area. A rush on the road linking to the airport resulted in a car accident. While the CM’s convoy was en route, security personnel of one of the escort cars going ahead in the convoy deliberately hit a car with a thick wooden baton resulting in a dent while the driver was searching for a better place to park it. The car belonged to a common man who works his day hard enough to provide for his family.

For a man who is a CM, a dent in the car might not mean anything but for the person who has earned such possession with his hard work, the incident is unforgettable.

Displaying of power by damaging a common man’s property in the name of security is totally unacceptable. When the CM came to power he assured his people that everyone will be treated same and no special privileges will be considered especially when it comes to the mobility of VIPs in the state.

After the incident, the victim protested over the social media as the car held his emotions being bought with hard earned income.

Here’s the Facebook post after the incident:

Incidents of such nature occur every time a convoy hits the road. A common citizen elects his representative in hopes of getting a better chance at livelihood, but all they get in return is the unfulfilled promise of the man they chose to be their leader which is further aggravated by the people who blindly follow these “VIPs”.

However, now, people are demanding a petition to stop this culture of VIP convoys and red tapes. Citizens have to either wait for these convoys to pass or take another route to reach their destination. All it takes is a better management and punctual departure of these convoys and the common man can have his meal in peace.

At the end of the day, they should not forget who the real king maker here is.

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