Both Uber and Cotton clashes this year as well.

This year also both Uber and Cotton are up against one another.

“A clash between a group of students of Cotton College and drivers of Uber that began on the late Thursday night of 12th April 2016, leading to damage of over 40 vehicles has brought Uber taxi service in the Assam capital to a partial halt. A group of students also allegedly manhandled two woman constables in Thursday’s incident.” This was the news of last year.

Today it is followed by a similar incident with a similar set of people engaged in a similar argument. But this time, the students crossed the standards by taking the fight against the law enforcers as well.

The Incident that happened this time.

This time, they not only got into a severe argument with the cab driver but also with the police personnel of 4th Assam Police Battalion (APBn) who came to intervene and stop the skirmish.

Statement of Police about the incident.

“The driver of the cab had gone to a hotel to have his lunch parking his car by the side of the road near Reserve Bank of India where some students of Cotton College noticed this. When the driver came back they had a quarrel among themselves and the student slapped the driver. This ongoing brawl was noticed by some of the personnel of the 4th APBn who were present on duty at the spot and they came to stop the fight. The students became aggressive and they pelted stones at the police vehicle,” said a police official of Panbazaar police station.

The police said that when the police personnel came to intervene and stop the students from bashing up the driver, another 50 students from the hostel came out and attacked the police personnel as well. A FIR has already been lodged against those students involved.

What did Cottonian’s say about the incident?

“What was said in the news channels is an exaggeration of what actually happened. It was also shown on the electronic media that there was a fight between the students of two hostels which is not true. The students attacked the police because they came and behaved aggressively with the students,” a source in Cotton College stated to a local reliable source.

It may be mentioned here: A student of the Cotton University said that during the Cotton Fest some people had put up temporary shops selling local liquor near Reserve Bank of India and when the police personnel came and asked them to pull down the shops, some students had an argument with the police that turned into a tussle.

The impact of this incident on Cotton College.

Cotton College, which is one of the most respected colleges in our country have been upholding its reputation via the performance of it’s students as the students who study here are counted amongst the best.

But incidents like this has once again left this century old college in an embarrassing situation because of the behavior of some of it’s students. Because of such unethical behavior and indecency amongst some of the students, the sensible citizens are compelled to think about the future of the college and which way is it going. These sort of incidents are not new but in order to keep up with the good name of this prestigious college, incidents like these have to be stopped with immediate stern actions.

An investigation into the incident.

An inquiry committee has been formed to investigate the matter and the Deputy Commissioner has also assured that an investigation will be done and strict action will be taken against the culprits.


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