Cats and Women: Throughout history, parallels have been drawn between women and feline creatures. In fact, in medieval times when women were burned at the stake for being unmarried or outspoken, cats were seen as common accomplices.

Similarities between Cats and Women ??

Well, the story goes on like this…..

Cats were worshiped as the sign of Bastet – The Goddess associated with the feminine in ancient Egypt

So, what are the common signs that create this cultural epithet?

  1. They are attractive, beautiful creatures Cat and women
  2. …And they know this and make sure it remains that way Cats and women
  3. They are avid daydreamers Cats and womenWhat do cats dream about though? Perhaps we will never know…

    Cats and women

  4. They help you with food Cats and women
  5. Clever is a second nature to them Cats and womenLike they say, “Keep thy friends close, thy enemies closer”
  6. Impulsive eaters Cats and women

A study featured in the Time magazine explores this bond between cats and women. To read Click here

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