Angarag “Papon” Mahanta, the Famous Assamese musician and singer who is well-known for reviving old Assamese Folk and Bihu songs with his unique touch of electronic music has been boycotted by several Rongali Bihu Organizing Committees this year.

The reason for not hosting him this year as cited by several organizing committees was the recent controversy where he was caught “kissing” a minor girl of a music reality show in which he was also one of the judges. This act which was done by him while being live on popular social media site Facebook was viewed by lacs of people and it drew massive criticism towards the singer.

Papon performing at a Rongali Bihu function few years back

Currently, the investigation on this matter is also going for which two cases were registered one by the Mumbai Police and the other one being registered by the Assam Police which was directed by the Assam State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (ASCPCR).

Many committees have refrained themselves from inviting Papon as they are still not clear how the audience will react and fear the safety of everyone in the venues hosting Rongali Bihu functions.

However, there has been no word on this matter by the singer or his associates as he continues to sit silent since after the incident took place this February.

Perhaps, time will say if it is right to boycott an artist during his hard times or show some support in his favour by his own people but for the time being we won’t see Papon performing in Bihu functions this year as well.

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