An Assamese Short Film on Menstrual Awareness is breaking taboo walls all over the world.

Period and Menstruation. These are two of the few words that are hushed and spoken in whispers in our society. To talk publicly and openly about it is considered to be a taboo. And to think that this frame of mind still exists in 2017 puzzles me.

Lack of awareness on the matter is not only totally unnecessary, and useless, and really weird if you think about it. But it also promotes unhealthy practices and terrible consequences for women.

Assamese short film on menstrual awareness

Especially in India, if one believes in the ideology to not restrict themselves about the issue, they are considered rebellious than just being right. And if spreading awareness about the issue is seen as an act of rebel, then I believe that we all should take that stand.

And Xahid took that stand with an Assamese Short Film on Menstrual Awareness.


Xahid Khan, an Assamese film-maker has written and directed a short film – ALERT CONDITION: RED. The movie captures the response that a girl usually receives when she is on her period… and the people around her get to know it – as if it’s a rare and secret activity.


The movie revolves around the time when a girl experiences her first period and she has no idea how to handle this change occurring in her body. The stares thrown at her doesn’t help either.

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Now that you’ve watched the film, I think that it’s time to ask ourselves a few questions.

What would you have done if you were one of those people on the streets? What would you have done if you were the person who owned the vehicle she had been resting on? Would you have reacted the same? What if somebody had approached you for helping a girl who just experienced her first period?


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The movie very aptly captures the situation that we, as a society, face everyday. Awareness about menstrual pains and menstruation needs to spread. People need to not only know, but understand that it is a very natural and necessary biological process. There is nothing about it that needs to spoken in secrecy and disgust.

One of the many things that I liked about this short film is how smoothly the two people worked together to help girl.

Because as a female and a human, that is exactly what I’d expect from the people around me. I wouldn’t want them to stare. I wouldn’t want them to ignore me like I didn’t just cross their way if my skirt is stained in red. Instead, I’d just like them to be understanding – the most normal reaction possible.


ALERT CONDITION: RED rightly grabbed the 2nd Best Film Award in the 9th International Guwahati Film Festival. This Assamese short film on menstrual awareness has also received an official entry in Jio Filmfare Awards. In addition, the movie has also been selected into Cine Miami Fest, Florida.

The achievements of Xahid‘s works speak volumes for itself. To see the movie industry touch upon a subject considered a taboo by more than half the population is something that definitely needs more attention and appreciation


Xahid and Team, kudos to you! We thank you for bringing this movie to us and to take this to the world. You deserve every bit of appreciation you currently receive and more.

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