Asifa Bano, an innocent 8-year-old girl from Kathua’s Rasana village near Jammu who was raped brutally by 4 people inside a temple premises earlier this January has left the entire nation in shock and frustration.

She was kidnapped from the meadows behind Sanji Ram’s house who happens to be the main accused planned this heinous act while she was grazing her horses there. Sanji Ram along with four others which included his son as well forcefully fed sleeping pills to sedate her and locked her inside a temple where the little girl was constantly raped for the next three days.

She finally lost her breath when one of the perpetrators who happen to be police officer insisted on raping her one last time. Her body was later discovered in the forest smeared with blood with the purple dress still on stained with her blood.

Now coming to the main point

After the incident was reported and came to notice, the country lost it’s cool as always. The anger of citizens over this incident and the demand for granting the convicts a death sentence was clearly visible over all the social media platforms.

Even the pictures of the main convicts who were directly involved were shared online across every social media in India.

Famous Bollywood actors held placards in support of Asifa and demanded quick justice for her and her family.

But the actual reality behind all these was something different and shocking which could put all Indians to bow down their heads in utter shame. The sick mentality of disrespecting women which is currently prevailing in various parts of our country was clearly seen when the name “Asifa” was seen trending at No.1 on the famous free porn site xvideos based on searches done by the Indian visitors in the site.

Don’t believe us ??

Look at the pictures below

These did uncover one truth about the mask which most of the Indians wear behind the screens of their cell phones and computers. Slowly, the country is dividing based on the grounds of caste, creed, and religion.

Girls being sexually abused in every corner of the country and politics being played above these issues while the accused getting away with minimal penalties most of the times. India’s old Juvenile laws still remained unreformed so many years’ after the Nirbhaya incident took place back in the year 2012 in Delhi.

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